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Chinesische Sternzeichen

In der chinesischen Kultur gibt es, wie ja viele wissen, auch die Tiere. Jedes Tier wird einem Jahr zugeordnet und insgesamt gibt es davon 12.
Ich habe von AFS Hong Kong eine Geschichte dazu bekommen und ich finde diese auch echt gut. Leider ist sie in English, ich hoffe ihr könnt sie trotzdem lesen! Viel Vergnügen aus dem warmen Hong Kong! (Ganze 30 Grad wärmer als in Deutschland, da sag ich nur: äätsch!) 😛

Do know how the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac were chosen, and did you know that the Cat almost became a Zodiac animal? According to legend, the Gods decided to use twelve animals to measure the cycle of the years, and so they held a race and said, “The first twelve animals to cross the river will become a Zodiac.” Rat and Cat were the best of friends, so they decided to enter the race as partners. Yet, while Rat came first in the river-crossing competition, why was Cat left out of the Zodiac? And why do Cats dislike rats so much? Let’s find out in “The Story of the Chinese Zodiac.” 

The story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals

Once upon a time, Jade Emperor wanted to find an easy to calculate the years. He decided to hold a competition between the animals for crossing the river.

He said, The first 12 animals to arrive at the finish line will make up the new years calendar. The news was announced to all animals.

Among all of them, the cat and the rat were good friends. Every day they played together. Their life was very happy.

On that day, the black cat said: I’m afraid of the water and I can’t swim; The water ox said : I can’t see very well and I can’t tell the direction.

The little rat listened and then told them: „Let’s help each other“  The water ox agreed to help the cat and the rat cross the river.

When the ox arrived half way across the river, the cat pointed at the other side and said: “Look! They still haven’t crossed the river, I’m sure I’ll be the first…”;

The cat didn’t even get to finish his sentence, when the rat pushed him off into the water.

The rat laughed and said: „Oh, I’m sorry, my brother the cat. Now, I’m certainly the first!

The ox didn’t pay attention and continued to swim. When they arrived at the shore, the little rat jumped off the ox and ran happily towards the finish line.

The ox ran and arrived second. Next was the tiger, and the little rabbit quickly followed. The dragon came from within the clouds and announced: „I’m coming“.

As the horse arrived at the finish line, a snake suddenly appeared from the grass, making the horse and the sheep jump in horror.

The monkey, the chicken, and the dog quickly ran to the finish line. The competition was about to end.

Jade Emperor said:“rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken and the dog are the 11. Who’s going to be the last one?“ At that time, a very fat pig came running in and announced: „I’m starving!“

Jade Emperor was about to announce the 12 winning animals, when the black cat arrived. He said: „I’m sorry, you get here too late. The game is over.“

The cat was so angry and said: „That’s the rat’s fault. I will never forgive him“. From that day, the cat wants to bite the rat, and the rat fears the cat. 

source: AFS


2 comments to Chinesische Sternzeichen


    What a wunderful story, I understand every word, thank you so much, dear Isabel!
    Das war jetzt so toll, mal wieder englisch zu sprechen und zu lesen, ich habe die Geschichte laut gelesen, hat richtig Freude gemacht.

  • Clarissa

    Das ist echt eine tolle Geschichte! Danke dass du sie hier gepostet hast, sie ist sehr interessant! 😀

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